[SCAN]venger HUNT


Create a scavenger hunt in seconds by inputting locations around your home. With your personalized locations, the app creates clues for you to print out hide. Players then use their device to find the hidden clues, and scan them with the device's camera to move on! Compete with friends for maximum fun!

App Preview

The Newest and Most Advanced Scavenger Hunt

Scan clues with your device's camera to navigate your way through a scavenger hunt.

Select Your Personalized Hunt

Before you go hunting, someone can make a personalized scavenger hunt for you. The app then prints out the clues for someone to hide, and then its time to go looking!

Scan the Clues!

When you find a clue, you scan it! If its the correct clue, you'll be directed to the location of the next clue.

Create Your Own Hunt

Simply add some locations around your home, or any location for that matter. The app then automatically generates clues for you to hide.