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Ranek Technologies releases photo-sharing app, Kaydri

Ranek Technologies announced that its photo-sharing app, Kaydri, is now available for download on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Ranek Technologies founder and developer, Joe Halcisak, said he designed the app to be a more efficient way to share photos and videos at live events and large, in-person gatherings, such as weddings, Sweet 16 parties and concerts. In fact, Halcisak was attending a wedding himself when he got the idea for the app.

“I was at a wedding and I thought 'Everyone is taking photos, but to see all of them, you'd have to waste time digging through everyone's Facebook and Instagram accounts.’ There isn’t one easy location for everyone to upload their photos,” Halcisak said. “When you host your event on Kaydri, every guest in attendance can upload their photos from the event, and view other’s photos as well. You can invite people to your event on Kaydri by sharing a link via text message or even attach a QR code to a printable invite.”

On each event homepage, guests can discover important event information, such as the start time, addresses and locations, gift registries, and a list of who else is attending the event.

Another unique feature gives users the opportunity to not only see photos taken by other guests at the event, but professional photos as well. After the event takes place, the host can link to their photographer’s account, giving them the ability to share their work directly inside of Kaydri. Halcisak said that Kaydri is looking forward to partnering with local photographers to further integrate this feature into the app.

Halcisak formally founded Ranek Technologies in May of 2020 and officially moved into the CAN BE Innovation Center earlier this year. In 2020, Ranek Technologies advanced to the finals in the collegiate division of the 19th annual tecBRIDGE Business Plan Competition. He said having office space in CAN BE has been valuable for his company.

Halcisak first became acquainted with CAN DO Director of Economic Development, Jocelyn Sterenchock, in 2018 when she served as a mentor for his team that went on to win the tecBRIDGE High School Business Plan Competition. He said that having access to resources like CAN BE and tecBRIDGE right in Greater Hazleton has been helpful in launching his company.

To learn more about Kaydri and to find links to download the app for yourself, visit

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